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Wut can I say.... it's just some of my most recently posted work.

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deviation in storage by JamesmanTheRegenold
There's some R rated junk in heerz. :3



EDIT 12/18/14: I've been wanting to reopen commissions before the holidays, so I could have a holiday sale, but my schedule is lookin' mad busy until Christmas day, so sadly, I will not be reopening them for a while longer. And with that... the lack of art will continue as well. So please keep patient... I'll keep everyone informed on when I will reopen them... It'll for sure be some time in 2015. So see you commissioners next year some time. :v


I do not accept points as a form of payment at this time. I only accept PayPal commissions.
(Details on how the process works will be shared to those who I note about a completed commission.)

All deviants interested in commissioning me must 1st send me a note titled "Commission" or something relative to that so I know what it's for, prior to opening the note. Please go over what service you wish for me to do, and be very specific with it.  

Bad Example: "Draw my character walking."
I need more information than that, before I begin. Please read -SERVICES- for more information.

Please let me know beforehand if you want me to post it, or if you want me to send it to you via, so you can post it in your gallery.

Please be patient. Do not repeatedly ask for commission status. I will discard all progress on it, if I am harassed about it.

I'm open to drawing characters of all types. 

You may not commission me to draw my own characters, for you. As easy as it would be, I do not allow it.

If you want me to draw a character that belongs to another deviant, you must get them to note me a consent note that allows me to use their character. *as a safety precaution*

I DO accept nude female character drawings, relative to the ones I draw. But I do not accept sex art, or an exposed "kitty kat" or "dongey kong"(for the "2 face" characters). Pretty much anything I've posted of the variety, here, is acceptable.

I can do fetish art, but I will not post it in my gallery. If you commission it, I will only note you the picture. If you wish to post it, you are more than welcome to. If not, that's fine too. :m  

PLEASE provide a few clear references. I do not wish to go hunting for clearer references. 

These are the services I provide. Please, when sending in a commission, tell me the category, size, number of characters, or whatever vital information is needed listed beneath each category.

EXAMPLE: If you want me to draw your character, full body, smoothed lines, with flat coloring...

Note Title- Commission

Note Details- I would like for you to draw my character "Scratchy Buttsenhiney " and "Smellmai Armpitz". 
*link to reference pictures*
-Cel Shaded
-Full Body
-2 characters


*You should be able to figure how much you're spending for it. If I possibly do price adjustments, you will not pay the recently adjusted price, be it for more, or less.*

Here is a link to show an example of what the drawings will look like, in terms of line quality and size

Done in pencil, or rough tablet drawings done in your choice of MS Paint, or GIMP. Thin, sketchy lines...  You may also choose a color you want the sketch to be in.
-Half Body- $2
-Full Body- $5
-+$3 per added character
*4 character limit*

-Line Art-
Blackened thin line art. Ideal for people who wish to color their own stuff. All line art is re-outlined in MS Paint only. (it will be pixely)
-Half Body- $5
-Full Body$10
-+$6 per added character
*4 character limit*

Fully colored character drawings. Lines smoothed with Inkscape.
-Half Body-$10
-Full Body-$18
-+$8 per added character
*4 character limit*

-Cel Shaded-*Note: This is not soft shading. I do not do that, as of this moment.*
Full dual coloring. Random lighting source for each picture. Lines smoothed with Inkscape.
-Half Body- $15
-Full Body-$25
-+$10 per added character
*4 character limit*


-Multi-panel Cartoon-
Panel progression cartoons, in your choice of style. Will incorporate both full, and half body panels.
*1st frame is the same price as the initial service. Prices listed below are added for each additional frame*
-Sketch- $3 per frame.............................. +$2 for added character(s) each frame
-Black/Colored lines- $5 per frame............. +$3  for added character(s) each frame
-Color- $9 per frame............................... +$4  for added character(s) each frame
*4 character limit*
*2 panel minimum......5 panel maximum*

3 Frame color cartoon with 3 characters is up to $56

$18 for the 1st character
$8 (x2) for the 2nd, and 3rd characters.
A total of $34 for the 1st frame.
Add $9 for the 1st character in each additional frame.
$4(Collective price. Not individually) for the 2nd, and 3rd characters in each additional frame that another character appears in.
A total of $13 for the 2nd frame. Then another $13 for the 3rd frame.
$34 + $13 +$ 13 = $58 will be the price for a cartoon with 3 characters, colored, and 2 or more characters in each panel.
(for 3 characters, but 1 in every panel is still $34 for the 1st frame. But each additional frame is only $9)
For anyone still confused on how pricing works, please don't hesitate to ask a question.



If I forgot any details in this journal, please, let me know, and I shall edit them in.

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New logo does not fit in at all. The end. :I
Aqua Daisy by YoshiMan1118
Aqua Daisy
Commissioned by :iconzefrenchm:......... clearly. :b

He wanted an assortment of Aqua Daisy pics with, and without the equipment on. I thought it'd be neat to give it a comic panel lay out. (even though some of the panel sizes don't line up perfectiously. :m) And oh wuh.... simple bits of background? What is this madness? :m

Anyways... simple pimple... hope y'all like. :I
Mega Evolution YM by YoshiMan1118
Mega Evolution YM
Since I forgot to post this, and I just posted something else for another collab... Here.... have art. :m

The collab has been over for a while, but this was for :iconwildgirl91:' s Mega Evolution collab.

Sorry I'm just now posting it. :I *derp*

Anyways.... hope y'all like. :m
Thanksgiving Collab YM by YoshiMan1118
Thanksgiving Collab YM
I's huuuungry! :m

Part of a Thanksgiving collab n' stuff. :m

If you want in on it, you don't entirely have much time. Ask :iconqueenspazkoopa: about it. :I

Anyways simple and towtulli pimple... hope y'all like. :m


Nunna Yo Biznis. :P
United States
I'm a guy who loves to draw Cartoons. I DO have my own characters, but I do not wish to post them here.... mainly for reasons of character theft, or other such things...

Current Residence: Some place in the world.
Favourite style of art: Cartoons
Shell of choice: Shotgun :]
Wallpaper of choice: The peely kind that goes in your bathroom. :D
Skin of choice: Green :0
Favourite cartoon character: My own. :P
Personal Quote: Your imagination can take you as far as you want.
New logo does not fit in at all. The end. :I
Might have to work on a better name than that, some time... but yeah, a few things to ask, share, and state, so please read if you have remotely any interest in anything concerning the self that is I. :m

---First thing I wanna ask... Who here has seen me on SSB3DS, or MK8, recently? I'm curious to know if anyone has bumped into me, cuz I like to know if I played anyone, to maybe talk about our matches, or something. :m Maybe I was that super awesome player you played, or I sucked horrible garbage. (I'm generally amazing at SSB, and MK, but I have my off days. :v ) For SSB, I ONLY play For Glory, and I mix it up between singles, and team battles. And despite my name, I do NOT only play Yoshi. I play nearly every character, so don't 100% expect me to be Yoshi, if we've played, or do play in the future. But yeah... if you ever do bump into me online, send me a note or something, and mention something that happened, so I know it was you. :m

---Second thing I wanna state... I'm gonna be temporarily closing commissions again. Possibly for an extended period of time. What with less time to work on art, and more time to work on..... well.... work, sleeping, and kinda just farting around playing some games... I don't think I can handle too many commissions at once, anymore. (This is why I should have started commission slots. :I ) That said, I'm still going to finish the commissions I already have in waiting, but I'm not accepting anymore, right now. Sorry if you were just about to ask me for one, but dare I say it..... "YOU'RE TOO SLOOOOW!" :iconyouretooslowplz: (May Sonic's Brawl taunt R.I.P. =___= )

---And now for something to share... Uh..... Hmm...... I'll share something about myself..... something so super top secret, that I'm almost scared to say it. But... here goes.... I..... YoshiMan........ am a man. :ohnoes: There... I said it. :I I hope no one looks at me any differently than they did, before I shared that super top secret information with you. :m

Nah... I'm messin'... I WILL share something that possibly no one wants... but what with the previously mentioned lack of time, will come a lack in art, like once upon some 2 years ago. :m It's only a lack..... not a super duper hiatus. (kinda about as lacking as my art has been the past month, already...) so please, just hang tight for me to muster up enough strength in my funny bones, to pump out more art. I'll also share something that people MIGHT want, so I'll throw out a quick game recommendation. Fantasy Life on the 3DS. Very charming, and addictive game. Check it out on youtube or something. :I Not too big on the story aspect, but it has it's comical moments. What shines is the simple, yet fun gameplay.

That's all, I guess...

Thanks to all who have read my journal, and I hope everyone understands my drop in activity, again.

Oh, and for anyone who happens to make a gift for my birthday, in 2 days, please either note it to me, put my name/icon in the mentions section(make sure it's spelled right. :n ), or do both. Don't just assume I'll see it. That said, I'm off to anywhere that is any place. :m
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Time for me to help out some more friends. :m I'd do it Nintendrawer style, but I don't wanna steal her thunder like that. :b (as in her "Commissions By Others" journal, that displays various artists' commission work.)

My buddy :iconyoshiunity: just opened up some commissions not too long ago. He's been a long time friend of mine so I must long time help a brotha' out. :v Okay, maybe a journal won't be long time help, but it's help, nonetheless. :m And it will be here for as long as dA is fully operational, so hey... maybe it is long time help after all. :v But yeah... Goofing off aside, I urge you all to check out his art gallery. He has some awesomazing detailed art. :v Hopefully you'll commission him if you like what you see. Or if you just wanna keep him busy so he has more arty stuff to do, that works too. :v He accepts both points, and paypal, so whether you have money or not, is not an issue. (whether you have points or not, COULD be an issue, tho. :b)

Here's a link to his prices. Point prices are in the description, so please read that.

Simple pimple... Has funz. :m
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***RULES*** Read them, plz.

-Wipe your ass before you come in.

-Don't look left.

-Turn off all brains while inside.

-I'll think of more shit later. :m

I'm starting a petition to change the pluralization of Moose, to Mooses. WHO'S WITH ME!?! :dummy: 

224 deviants said I shall sign your completely made up petition by voting on this single option'd poll. :m


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That has to be the best webcam I've seen in a long time.
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LOLz, glad to know it amuses you. :b
Yomang86 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Do you think a suit of armor will keep Daisy safe or will that somehow make things worse?
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Knowing Daisy... everything is made worse. :m (and also better at the same time. :v )
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Hey,YoshiMan! How's life been treating you? I'm doing well myself and keeping myself entertained. Anyway,I was wondering did you have a good birthday last month? Well I gotta split so,have a great day! :peace: and :love:!
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Great, as far as work..... Terrible as far as my schedule. I'm always too tired or lazy to do anything. Reason art has been super slow this past month.

And yes... I had a great, quiet birthday. :m My past few birthdays have been that way, actually. :v Anyways... have a good one, yourself. :m
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How long does it usually take you to make a drawing?
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Depends what it is, and if I'm coloring it, and adding a background effect or not. I could say about an hour to draw, then color 1 character, but at times it's longer than that.... other times it's not.
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What do you do when you meet someone on this sight that you never want to talk to again? I'm talking about someone else, trust me.
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Does it have to be dA in particular?

Anyways, I'm fairly tolerant of (annoying) people. Until they outright disrespect me... then that's when I simply block them, and move on with the rest of my days. 

I really don't have the time to come here and deal with anyone trying to bug me or troll me...
Darkstar248 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
How do you block people?
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Click the pencil dealy next to the person's comment, and "Block User". :m
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Ur are so awsome!!! U make me laugh so hard!!!!!!!! Lololololololol u rock!!!!! :D
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Thank ya. :bow:
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One mor thing I will be creating a new account showing my cartoon character 
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
Okay...... but I think you should have at least kept this account to link over to the new one you may or may not have made. :m
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Thanks to you, it has taken me months to make up my own cartoon character. His name is Cobi the Werehog. He has the same powers as Dark Gaia just like SONIC THE WEREHOG. Unlike transforming at night, he is now stuck in the form both during day and night. He learns new moves,that is presented in this nomicon of his,every time he wins a boss battle. (Just so you know, I'm Cobi the Werehog) 😛
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... Why arent you a beta tester?
Im just asking a question
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Why aren't I not a beta tester? :b

Cuz I wanna not be. :v

(seriously tho.... I don't care to beta test new features and things... Give it to me in full, when most of, if not all of the kinks are worked out.)
YoshiKid141 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Im one but i dont test that stuff out :v
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It expires today. That's how. :m

And LOLz "negative 0". :I
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