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Wut can I say.... it's just some of my most recently posted work.

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There's some R rated junk in heerz. :3



Legit status update. Yay for actually using this for it's intended purpose. So... it appears that it's that time again, that I may, or may not be on here as much as I'd like to. Life is starting to pick up on the business side, and it may cut into my free time. But yeah... that means that I'll be even slower with art, and commissions. I still plan to complete them all, but after that, I'll do a temporary close on commissions yet again. Anyways... yah. We'll see how things go. :m
ChickenGirl by YoshiMan1118
Finally, after so many years of wearing my ChickenMan costume... YoshiGirl gets in on the chicken fun. :m I wonder if when she lays an egg, it has another egg inside of it? :I Who knows...

Anyways... truth behind this... this was actually meant to be Pink ChickenMan's return, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I had a change of plans, and turned it into YoshiGirl wearing a pink chicken costume. :m Thus being her costume for this year. (No, it won't end up like my costume, being recycled year after year. Relax. :m)

Welp, that's pretty much it. Simple pimple... hope y'all like. :m
Really now? Eh.... fine.... 

My Status: None of your biz. :m

edit: Wait... so this gets updated, and commented on, like a journal??? And is sent to watchers' activity feed? Hmm....... if so, then what would be the point of using journals anymore? :shrug:
Together At Last by YoshiMan1118
Together At Last
Commissioned by :iconnokamarau:

He wanted even moar Bowser, and Rosalina stuffs. :v THIS time... Bowser gets what he wanted. Or was it Rosalina who got what she really wanted, all along? Either way..... SUPER BANANA GALAXY 3 has a release date. :v

I don't wanna really think about what the goal of that game is. :I Ah well. Maybe one day we'll hear the reviews. :n

Welp... simple pimple... hope y'all like. :b


Nunna Yo Biznis. :P
United States
I'm a guy who loves to draw Cartoons. I DO have my own characters, but I do not wish to post them here.... mainly for reasons of character theft, or other such things...

Current Residence: Some place in the world.
Favourite style of art: Cartoons
Shell of choice: Shotgun :]
Wallpaper of choice: The peely kind that goes in your bathroom. :D
Skin of choice: Green :0
Favourite cartoon character: My own. :P
Personal Quote: Your imagination can take you as far as you want.
EDIT (6/6/14)

I've been doing a lot of soul searching, and thinking about my future, as well as what's going on around me at this current moment... Things aren't going the way I want them to, and my time may be limited, with either a good outcome, or a bad outcome... But no matter what outcome that may be... and no matter how "unimportant" this place may be to getting ahead in life... I can't stop doing what I do here, just because I'm stuck in my personal life. I always had a thing about me, to not bring my personal life into my online life. I come here to escape the stresses of life, and share my art. Share my comical, joking side. As well as be that goofy guy that I couldn't openly be, in public. (yes I'm a fraud.... A FRAAAAAAAAAAUD! :iconcryforeverplz: )... Not bitch, or complain about my problems, and gain sympathy from anyone. Sure there's things that stress me out here as well, like people begging me for friendship, or relentlessly bugging me about things I've moved on from, ages ago... but eh... Those people come, and go. For everyone who stops bugging me about things... there's a new one to come in, and do the exact same thing. So hell, why fight it anymore? (I need to hire a secretary or something, to handle those matters for me. :v)

There's nothing wrong with expressing your concerns about things, at all... but I refused to get my online life, and my personal life tangled into each other... Why I've since gone back on my refusal, is beyond me... Before it sounds like I think my words below were a mistake... they weren't. I'm glad I shared that, and I HAVE received a good bit of helpful advice from some of you, whether I replied or not.

Anyways, the point I'm making here is that I'm not gonna stop making the fan art that I make here, because it's not helping me progress toward my dreams in the way I hope it does. No matter if I drew the same things over and over again, or decided to broaden my horizons... I'm still gaining experience from what I draw, and most importantly, I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and that's the most important part. It's up to all of those who follow me, to simply like, or dislike what I do. If whatever I do brings you joy, then I feel like I've accomplished my TRUE goal. If what I do doesn't interest you as much as things I used to do... so be it. We all change for better, or for worse. When you lose interest in something, you move on from it.

For those who tried to help me, or say anything to make me feel better, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank you all again for putting up with my excessive venting of problems, lately.

Oh, and just to put word out about it again... there's someone still going around on peoples livestreams, trying to impersonate me, and asking people for commissions. It doesn't bug me too much, but it IS getting a bit old that someone would spend so much of their own time trying to troll me indirectly, with people telling me to pay them for a commission that I never asked them for... So if "YoshiMan1118" asks you, or someone you're in a livestream with, for a commission, IT'S NOT ME. If I'm to commission anyone for a commission(LOLz commission for a commission.....), I will ask about it nowhere else but here on dA. So if you see someone using my name on a livestream, or anywhere else on the internet, asking for a commission, do not accept it, or please inform the person hosting the stream/chat/thread/conversation. And please do spread the word to anyone you know.

Thank you.

Old Journal (5/29/14)

I really don't know where to start with all this... I'm not really one to get too personal with things, but sorta as of late, I've been able to express some things about what bothers me on this site, but this time it has nothing to do with that side of things... What I'm trying to get at is that I need to start taking things a bit more seriously. As in I've been here, posting fan art for over 7 years. (6, according to dA) And for much of this time, I've not really been using this place in a way I should have, to get people who can actually get me into an artistic career, to notice me. And even if they do notice me, maybe I've been too set on doing a certain thing, a certain way, and people who notice me are reluctant to contact me, because they're not too sure if I have a diverse range of artistic talent, outside of cartooning, and to an extent, joke writing. Or due to how I've clearly not stated--- since I'm actually very reserved, I'm NOT a good speaker at all, so I somewhat try to close myself off from people,--- that I don't have a job in my field of passion(or any job at all, at the moment), I don't have any connections, I lack any proper form of transportation, and little education(I have SOME college, but no degree)... And right now I feel stuck. I don't know where to turn, but I do know I need to turn somewhere. I just need help going in whichever direction I need to get somewhere in life.(Most likely it's back to college, but I don't entirely know which one is best for me.) It's a shame to have countless people tell you that you're talented, but you're not doing much with it aside posting fan art over the internet, for free, unless it's been commissioned. Just the general thing I'm saying here is that I need help. I've got to swallow my pride, and admit that I need help. So if anyone knows anyone, or any support groups that could help me get rolling in the direction I need, I would greatly appreciate it.

That said, it's becoming time that either I move on from this place, in search for something better suited to pursuing my dream of becoming a cartoonist/animator/game designer, or I start to treat this place as more of a professional portfolio that I no doubt have a ton of stuff in here to make one, already... But I don't entirely know if fan art, mostly of fan characters and such is a good thing to fill a portfolio with. My more mature tagged stuff, is that acceptable to have if I'm to treat this place as a portfolio? I know having some kind of sexual themed artwork works if that's what people look for, but is it a deal breaker for those that don't look for it? Or pretty much "is my art REALLY good enough?"

I just don't know. It's not until life slaps you in the face, when you start to think of where you are, and where you'll be if you do, or don't continue in the way you're going.
  • Mood: Stuck
EDIT 10/1/14:

Oh boy, ANOTHER sale? You betcha! :v Having an all month long "Hallow-Scream" Sale. Begins Halloween month, the 1st (10/1/14)... and ends when Halloween month ends. (10/31/14)

"What is this Hallow-Scream Sale?" one might ask? Well... for sure with it being Halloween month, I figured I would do a little something in the spirit of Halloween month! Hence the name Halloween month. :v What? It's called October?????.... What the hell's an October? :'

Anyways, pointless yammerin' aside The Hallow-Scream Sale is quite simple. 500 points, or 500 pennies($5) for a colored picture of any character of yours, in whatever costume you desire them in. Yes... I'm temporarily open for points to pay. "But YoshiMan...... I don't have that many points. Why does it have to be so expensive?" Well to you, I say, that's not all. I'm offering 150 points for a pencil sketch of the character, in their costume, as well. If either of those are still too expensive...... then..... I dunno, get a job, or ask for point donations. :b No other way to put that. :m

So yeah..... a few stipulations..... you can only ask for 1 character, 1 time. And this sale only applies to Halloween costumes, on your FC's/OC's. All other services are regular price.

Like my regular commission rules.... provide references for the character, and costume. And if the costume is an original idea (aka not a licensed costume of a person or character) please give a description of it, and I will work based on the description.

And like my Pay Pal payments, DO NOT give me the points in advance, or I'll shove them back up your nose hole! :I Thank you. :meow:


ALSO EDIT 10/1/14:

Also, a tad on the minor side, but I've FINALLY gone back through some of my old Horrorween specials, and edited the title names to correspond with what the series name IS supposed to be, rather than what it WAS. So "Horroween 4" and "Halloween Special (1)" have now been changed to Horrorween.


I do not accept points as a form of payment at this time. I only accept PayPal commissions.
(Details on how the process works will be shared to those who I note about a completed commission.)

All deviants interested in commissioning me must 1st send me a note titled "Commission" or something relative to that so I know what it's for, prior to opening the note. Please go over what service you wish for me to do, and be very specific with it.  

Bad Example: "Draw my character walking."
I need more information than that, before I begin. Please read -SERVICES- for more information.

Please let me know beforehand if you want me to post it, or if you want me to send it to you via, so you can post it in your gallery.

Please be patient. Do not repeatedly ask for commission status. I will discard all progress on it, if I am harassed about it.

I'm open to drawing characters of all types. 

You may not commission me to draw my own characters, for you. As easy as it would be, I do not allow it.

If you want me to draw a character that belongs to another deviant, you must get them to note me a consent note that allows me to use their character. *as a safety precaution*

I DO accept nude female character drawings, relative to the ones I draw. But I do not accept sex art, or an exposed "kitty kat" or "dongey kong"(for the "2 face" characters). Pretty much anything I've posted of the variety, here, is acceptable.

I can do fetish art, but I will not post it in my gallery. If you commission it, I will only note you the picture. If you wish to post it, you are more than welcome to. If not, that's fine too. :m  

PLEASE provide a few clear references. I do not wish to go hunting for clearer references. 

These are the services I provide. Please, when sending in a commission, tell me the category, size, number of characters, or whatever vital information is needed listed beneath each category.

EXAMPLE: If you want me to draw your character, full body, smoothed lines, with flat coloring...

Note Title- Commission

Note Details- I would like for you to draw my character "Scratchy Buttsenhiney " and "Smellmai Armpitz". 
*link to reference pictures*
-Cel Shaded
-Full Body
-2 characters


*You should be able to figure how much you're spending for it. If I possibly do price adjustments, you will not pay the recently adjusted price, be it for more, or less.*

Here is a link to show an example of what the drawings will look like, in terms of line quality and size

Done in pencil, or rough tablet drawings done in your choice of MS Paint, or GIMP. Thin, sketchy lines...  You may also choose a color you want the sketch to be in.
-Half Body- $2
-Full Body- $5
-+$3 per added character
*4 character limit*

-Line Art-
Blackened thin line art. Ideal for people who wish to color their own stuff. All line art is re-outlined in MS Paint only. (it will be pixely)
-Half Body- $5
-Full Body$10
-+$6 per added character
*4 character limit*

Fully colored character drawings. Lines smoothed with Inkscape.
-Half Body-$10
-Full Body-$18
-+$8 per added character
*4 character limit*

-Cel Shaded-*Note: This is not soft shading. I do not do that, as of this moment.*
Full dual coloring. Random lighting source for each picture. Lines smoothed with Inkscape.
-Half Body- $15
-Full Body-$25
-+$10 per added character
*4 character limit*


-Multi-panel Cartoon-
Panel progression cartoons, in your choice of style. Will incorporate both full, and half body panels.
*1st frame is the same price as the initial service. Prices listed below are added for each additional frame*
-Sketch- $2 per frame.............................. +$1 for added character(s) each frame
-Black/Colored lines- $5 per frame............. +$3  for added character(s) each frame
-Color- $9 per frame............................... +$4  for added character(s) each frame
*4 character limit*
*2 panel minimum......5 panel maximum*

3 Frame color cartoon with 3 characters is up to $56

$18 for the 1st character
$8 (x2) for the 2nd, and 3rd characters.
A total of $34 for the 1st frame.
Add $9 for the 1st character in each additional frame.
$4(Collective price. Not individually) for the 2nd, and 3rd characters in each additional frame that another character appears in.
A total of $13 for the 2nd frame. Then another $13 for the 3rd frame.
$34 + $13 +$ 13 = $58 will be the price for a cartoon with 3 characters, colored, and 2 or more characters in each panel.
(for 3 characters, but 1 in every panel is still $34 for the 1st frame. But each additional frame is only $9)
For anyone still confused on how pricing works, please don't hesitate to ask a question.



If I forgot any details in this journal, please, let me know, and I shall edit them in.

  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Things within my sound range. :v
  • Reading: Words. :1
  • Watching: Telompevisuter (TV and Computer had a baby) :b
  • Playing: Games, man. :n
  • Eating: Mind ya biznis! :I
  • Drinking: This is not Twitter. I don't need to tell you. :m

***RULES*** Read them, plz.

-Wipe your ass before you come in.

-Don't look left.

-Turn off all brains while inside.

-I'll think of more shit later. :m

I'm starting a petition to change the pluralization of Moose, to Mooses. WHO'S WITH ME!?! :dummy: 

203 deviants said I shall sign your completely made up petition by voting on this single option'd poll. :m


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