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APRIL PULLS by YoshiMan1118 APRIL PULLS by YoshiMan1118
Surely the YoshterMan (I just thought of that like 2 seconds ago. :I ) couldn't let another April Fools day slip through the cracks without a goofy, unexpected, off the wall response to the day-sake. :m I'm sure the lot of you who followed me through the years are familiar with the YoshiMan pranking YoshiGirl premise, as well as in APRIL FOOLS 3, where we switched bodies, so the viewers will think that I was the one who got pranked, but later revealed that we were wearing masks of each other, and it was really YoshiGirl who got blown up. :m Well..... I wanted to take that mask idea, and go a bit further with it, by adding a few familiar faces from other cartoons, and stuff. :b

So I decided to have a Charlie Brown mask pop in there because of a new Peanuts movie coming out later in the year, or so... Plus who doesn't like good ol' Charlie Brown? :m

For sure, my self from a couple years ago would have HAD to add in Pinkie Pie for this. :m I'm kinda over the pony craze, but I figured adding her(mask) would be fitting. :iconpinkiepieplz: 

Probably the most unexpected and personally hilarious ones to add...... Abe Lincoln. XD It was just so out of the norm, that I had to take a shot at it. XP

I do love Disney, and Donald Duck (Though I like Goofy best of all. :b)... but I really didn't decide to add his face in until I though of adding in the next one, so there'd be a "double duck" cameo. :b

As largely influential as Looney Tunes has been to me throughout my entire LIFE!...... I couldn't not throw in a cameo for it, in the form of (not my most favorite character, but a well deserved 2nd top fave...) Daffy Duck. :b

Then "YoshiMan" reveals himself to be Mario the entire time. :m Not even being remotely sure who he's really playing a disguise prank on... :m  So seeing that it was Mario the entire time, "YoshiGirl" reveals herself to be one of my long lost characters, back from the dead *zombie noises*... Peach's old pet chain chomp... Honey. :b The history these 2 had together goes back pretty far in my gallery, so I felt it would be a nice surprise(for people that know my older works) to bring that back for possibly one more time. :v

Anyways..... hope y'all like. :m
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CuteDarkYoshi Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Peach's old pet? Remembers me of Birdo in Chain Chomp version XD
Peachy-Daisy Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist
I like mario's face on panel 22 really funny
Maximilian-McMonkey Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014   General Artist
That was... beautiful.... *glorious man-tear*

Awesome. :D I gotta say, I was really happy to see Pinkie Pie and Daffy Duck, they are my favorites of their respective series. It kind of stinks how I got into MLP:FIM right when you got out, but that's the way the cupcake crumbles. :P Abraham Lincoln is a classic for sheer what-the-heckness. XD

Well, you got me. I wasn't expecting Mario and Honey at the end. Not that I was excpecting anything; I was just along for the ride. :P
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Yeah... Ponies just got a bit too stale for me. No doubt it was a good show(so it's easy to get into), and probably still is... But there was just something about it that lost the magic it had from the 1st season, into the 3rd. I guess it was the whole character building aspect of the 1st season. 

Anyways, glad you enjoyed it. :v
Maximilian-McMonkey Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014   General Artist
Sure. :) Makes sense. I'm honestly not sure why I keep coming back or how long it'll last for me. One thing I do know, it's been a wild ride so far. I can't help but delight in the strange silliness of the whole phenomenon. Even if I get bored of it tomorrow, I'd be able to look back and laugh. :lol:

I do try not to over-dose and get sick of it. That's why I'm TRYING to watch my other favorite cartoons also, but they are so hard to get a hold of... for those without cable/satellite. :P I'm just glad Gravity Falls is sometimes available on the website. I could probably find them all on YouTube, but I can't get over the questionable legality. So... I guess I'm kind of doing this to myself. :P That's actually why I wasn't in the first wave of bronies... I wasn't watching it on YouTube. <_>

Bleh. I just wish they'd at least put them on Netflix (like they do with MLP). :I
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
I doubt finding a cartoon and watching it on youtube is illegal. :v Seeing as so many people have videos of cartoons, new and old on there. And the fact that they've not been taken down. Unless we had to pay a set amount of money to watch a certain TV show, then I'd question the legality. And actually, youtube is making these shows money, through advertisement.

But yeah, enough of that. I actually wasn't in the 1st wave of bronies, either. And I mean general bronies..... not the definition of a brony, nowadays. (as in the ones who defensively bash anyone who says they don't like the show, and over obsess with pony cosplay, merchandise, and art, both safe, and NSFW.) So I was just as late as you were to the craze............ except not as late. XD
Maximilian-McMonkey Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014   General Artist
Yeah, I know. Technically it's the one who uploads it who is infringing on copyright, not the viewer. =I It's just never sat well with me.

That's the joke of it: Hasbro got wild success BECAUSE of people watching it online. XD

Eh? So Bronies couldn't stop from getting a bad name despite everything.... You can't really tell when you're on the inside. The dumb thing is, that's what all fandoms do. Bronies just get a bad name for it because it involves ponies. :I Most bronies I see are pretty reasonable. ...but whatever, man. As I always say, there's a reason the term 'Fan' comes from the word 'fanatical'. As a Trekkie, I'm used to the whole stereotype. In fact, I grew up with it. .-.

I, myself, don't identify as a furry for that whole extra-bizarre-fandom stereotype. Also because I prefer anthropomorphic characters without fur. XD That puts a dampener on the whole 'furry' thing. XP Heheh.

I get a free-pass with both fandoms because I'm an actual cartoonist... or at least I like to think I get a free-pass. Well, also because the stereotypes simply don't apply to me. =P
YoshiMan1118 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Stereotypes are stereotypes. Whether you are or are not something, doesn't mean that every stereotype about said thing applies to you. I know you know that. I'm just saying it for the point of the conversation. :m

I don't consider myself, or any of my characters furries either. If someone wants to claim any of them ARE furries, who cares? I don't. :m It doesn't stop me from having my character(s) be, do or say whatever it is I want them to. People have obsessions with labeling things, so calling any animal character a furry, despite not relating to what the term originally means, is just easy for people, albeit fairly ignorant.
Maximilian-McMonkey Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014   General Artist
Some stereotypes are true about me. The funny thing is, if you take everything about me and what I could be called and try to apply all the stereotypes at once, you'd get a tangled mess of contradictions. XD

Oh, yes. I do appreciate saying stuff that go without saying for the sake of conversation. :u

I agree. If furries themselves want to think of me as one of them, for the sake of being able to relate, I don't see the harm. I just don't want to go calling myself one, people will get the wrong ideas. People jump to conclusions as quickly as they label. That's why I've renounced all politics, it just gets in the way of true dialog.

Oooh. That took a serious turn. .-. .... OH WELL :U
Rosalinastar107 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
I get the spongebob reference:XD:
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